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Once you have made the decision of enrolling your little one at Hummingbirds Montessori School, you will need

to join our waiting list. To join, we require a non refundable £65 registration fee.


Once a place is offered to you we then require a £300 deposit. The deposit is either deducted from your child's final term's fee or if your child leaves before then, the deposit will be deducted given the appropriate notice.


Miss Amy will make sure that you get everything you need during this process.  

For any questions about registrations, feel free to contact her on the 07 895 54 8006 or at




Our fees are averaged out over the year so that you pay the same amount each term - unless you make changes to your bookings. Fees are due every term and are reviewed annually. They can increase up to 5%. Fees are available upon request - feel free to contact us via email.



We are a Tax Free Childcare registered setting. 

We also accept Childcare Vouchers. If you cannot find us on your provider's register, please contact us with the name of your provider so that we can register our setting with them. 

If you are eligible for Universal Credit, contact us to set up a monthly payment plan. 


Children qualify for Universal Early Education Funding from the term after their third birthday. We will provide you with a form to fill out before the beginning of each term. The setting will then receive the funding on your behalf.


We do not accept 30 hours free childcare but if you are eligible, you might still be able to use this funding for wrap around care with another provider. 

Let us know if you think that you are eligible for 2 year old early education funding.

If you have any questions regarding fees and payments, feel free to address them to Miss Amy during the registration process, or Miss Léna once you are registered via email at

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