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We honour and respect the unique nature of each child.

We believe that every child has a natural drive to develop and grow, and we strive to ignite the inquisitive nature of our Hummingbirds and ensure each and every one of them is happy, curious and fulfilled.


Every child has a right to feel respected and heard, therefore we believe in giving our children the tools they need to express their unique voice and have a space within the nursery community.


Our nursery aspires to be a community of teachers, parents and children working together to give each child a place, a voice, opportunities to learn, grow and have strong foundations to take on their next step in life.

We recognise that the first six years of life are fundamental in an individual's development. We want to see the children in our care flourish through their experiences, and acquire some lifelong qualities such as self confidence, self regulation, compassion, and resilience, all whilst developing their critical and inquisitive minds.

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