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Our teachers are passionate and fully dedicated to the wellbeing of the children they care for. They regularly receive

up-to-date training such as Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding and are all DBS Checked. 

Once your child starts at the Hummingbirds Montessori School, they will be assigned a Key Teacher who will make sure that the transition from home to school goes as smoothly as possible. This key person will also be your main point of contact for everything related to your child. 

Miss Grace

"Miss Grace is an incredible woman with a wealth of experience not only in education but in life! She is a true epicure who speaks 3 languages having lived amongst vibrant cultures and traveled the World ! She has a way of always making anyone she meets smile and laugh. Children adore her for her warmth, humour and brilliant ideas."

School Manager

Safeguarding Officer

Registrations Coordinator
Montessori Educator

Miss Amy

“Amy is a very experienced, calm and compassionate teacher. Children are inherently drawn to her. 
She has a heart of gold, a mind of pure Montessori and the wonderful ability to bring a smile to the faces and lift the spirits of everyone who is around her. “


School Manager

OFSTED Liaison
Communication Officer

Montessori Educator

Risk Assessment 

“Miss Selina is wise and patient.

When children gather around her, it seems that time stands still because it does not want to disturb her as she speaks. She is like the sun of the classroom and makes children feel secure and calm. Any child would be very lucky to have her as their teacher!"

School Manager

Human Resources &

Training Coordinator


Montessori Educator

Fire Marshall


“Miss Lena is so much more than a teacher, she is a musician, a cook, a philosopher... She has such a creative mind and a passion for teaching! Miss Lena can inspire the best out of every child and every adult. ”


School Manager

Finance & Funding Lead

Health and Safety


Deputy SenCo

Montessori Educator


“Miss Lauren inspires respect and love,

she is calm, patient and sweet with the children. Her warmth put little ones at ease when settling in as she always finds the right words to make them feel safe. ”

Nursery Deputy

Early Years Nursery Practitioner & In-House Montessori Trained

First Aid Coordinator

Miss Angelica

“Miss Angelica is very sweet with the children and is naturally attuned to their needs. She also has an incredibly creative mind, always has amazing ideas, that give the nursery this little something more!" 


Early Years Nursery Practitioner & In-House Montessori Trained

Art Curriculum

"Miss Cheri is very passionate about the Montessori Education. Her experience benefits the children immensely, we are very lucky to count her amongst our teachers!"

Montessori Educator

Miss Andrea

"Miss Andrea always welcomes the children with a smile. She is very caring and loving and makes sure that the children feel happy."


Classroom Assistant 

"Highly qualified teachers with an incredible amount of experience. They love children and children love them. "Do it with passion or don't do it" and they certainly do things with a lot of passion"

Miss Maria Jose

Early Years Professional

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