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Hummingbirds Montessori Nursery offers outstanding Early Years education for children from 2.5 to 5 years old on a term time basis. 

From Monday to Thursday we hold our morning Montessori sessions where children are encouraged to explore the educational materials from our prepared indoor environment and the various activities available in the garden - mud kitchen, log climbing, vegetable patch, etc. Children are invited to prepare a healthy snack buffet that their friends will enjoy throughout the morning. Teachers follow the children's interests and learning and provide them with activities and guidance that respond to their needs. 

Children can stay for lunch - lunch box needs to be provided by the carer - and attend the afternoon clubs until 3pm. 

Friday is our special outdoor session: inspired from the Forest School ethos, the children explore nature based activities and have an outdoor warm snack. They can also attend a Playball session with Kingston Playball.  

Families are invited to come in for special events such as diversity breakfast and are welcome to come and share their own interest, passion and culture with the children. 

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Early Drop Off

from 8:30am

Our Early Drop off option runs from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am

Upon arrival, children are greeted and welcomed with quiet activities such as building blocks, play-dough, reading, etc. 


During our core sessions, children have free access to a wide range of activities that support each area of development. The activities available are specifically chosen by the teachers to follow the children's interests, encourage creative thinking & exploration, follow our calendar of celebrations and cultural events and support the emergence of new skills & knowledge.


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Monday to Thursday

From 3 sessions per week for under 3s and 4 sessions per week from the term after the child's third birthday 


Forest Friday
9am - 12:15pm


Forest Friday is an exciting outdoor session for children to enjoy nature-based art activities, follow the rhythm of the seasons and even enjoy a campfire snack! Every Friday, children have the opportunity to attend a Playball session with Kingston Playball, where they can learn and practice ball skills in a fun and safe outdoor environment.

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Monday to Thursday 
Until 3pm

Our Afternoon Clubs run from Monday to Thurdsay

  • Monday: Music Club with Miss Susan - rhythm awareness, movements and singing. 

  • Tuesday: Teddy Tennis - Tennis adapted to the little ones

  • Wednesday: Drama and expression with Miss Helen - Early Drama, literacy based activities

  • Thursday: Dance with Miss Debbie - dance, movements, early drama.

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